Survivors May Face Challenging Grieving Process After a Wrongful Death

Almost 50 years ago in 1969, noted psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identified “Five Stages of Grief” in her now world-famous book On Death and Dying. She pointed out that these stages do not necessarily appear in a certain order in each individual, but that grieving people almost always go through them, perhaps sometimes not experiencing all five of them. The Five Stages of Grief Kubler-Ross … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Has Many Definitions

There is no singular definition for wrongful death as the term appears in Ohio wrongful death claims or lawsuits. Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) Section 2125 defines many aspects of wrongful death which can be a very complex area of law. And, as always, death can be an extremely difficult matter to discuss. Some people reading this article may not be familiar with the words “wrongful death.” What … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Cases Involving Famous Celebrities and Big Businesses

What do O. J. Simpson, Nancy Grace, Robert Blake and Dr. Conrad Murray have in common? All were at the center of highly publicized wrongful death cases. In each instance, except Dr. Murray’s, the individuals were famous celebrities alleged to have caused a wrongful death or deaths. Wrongful death is a civil claim that death(s) was caused by negligence, malpractice, or an unlawful act, … [Read more...]

The Role a Personal Representative Plays in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A wrongful death is one that is caused by the negligence or unlawful act of another person, or persons, or by a business or organization. The wrongful conduct may be either intentional or unintentional. However, this type of personal injury claim may not be filed by just any person who happens to be in the family of the deceased or was a close friend. A wrongful death lawsuit must be filed by … [Read more...]

What Happens When You File a Wrongful Death Action

Wrongful death is a term many people have heard, but they are not sure what it means. It is not always easy, even for experts, to determine if there has been a wrongful death. In general, when someone loses their life because another person or business did something wrong and the law determined that the wrongdoer’s conduct was negligent or intentional, the survivors have a claim for wrongful … [Read more...]

Senior Driver Labeled as Dangerous in Wrongful Death of Ohio Bicyclist

A 64-year-old Ohio man has been labeled a “dangerous driver” in a wrongful death suit filed by the family of a 19-year-old Ohio bicyclist. The bicyclist, Kristopher Smith of Summerfield Township, Ohio, was killed June 15, 2015 when Charles Iott of Deerfield hit Kristopher with his pick-up truck. Eight weeks earlier Iott’s eye doctor allegedly told him his vision was so poor it was no longer safe … [Read more...]

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