Many Wrongful Death Survivors Wonder If The Anger Ever Goes Away

Five to nine percent of the U.S. population loses a close family member each year, according to WebMD. When a loved one is taken in tragic and unforeseen circumstances, there is often overwhelming grief and other uncontrollable emotions. When the death is a wrongful death which has occurred due to someone’s negligence or inaction, grief can become more complicated. It can turn to anger and … [Read more...]

Survivors May Face Challenging Grieving Process After a Wrongful Death

Almost 50 years ago in 1969, noted psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross identified “Five Stages of Grief” in her now world-famous book On Death and Dying. She pointed out that these stages do not necessarily appear in a certain order in each individual, but that grieving people almost always go through them, perhaps sometimes not experiencing all five of them. The Five Stages of Grief Kubler-Ross … [Read more...]

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