Ohio Wrongful Death Book - IntroductionThe sudden or unexpected death of a loved one is a tragic experience. When the loved one’s death is a result of the carelessness or negligence of another individual, a business or an organization, it is inexcusable.

Death in and of itself creates strong emotions of loss and sadness. It may also produce feelings of bewilderment and extreme anxiety regarding your family’s future. No one could ever be prepared for such an overwhelming event.

If you are reading this book because you lost a loved one as the result of an auto accident, medical error or some other type of unfortunate event, we offer our sincere sympathies. During the past 40-plus years of practicing law, we have seen how a wrongful death can impact a family and it is why we fight so hard for clients in these cases.

This book is intended to help you understand wrongful death and provide general guidance on actions your family can take to hold the party (or parties) accountable for their actions, including your right to recover fair monetary compensation for your loss.

Of course, no amount of money could ever make up for the loss of a loved one. It is important, however, that a family prepare for how it will change their lives and their futures. There will be emotional changes and financial uncertainties. Ohio law recognizes this fact and allows for the recovery of monetary compensation for a wrongful death.

Filing and pursuing a claim can be an extremely complicated and cumbersome process. It requires a thorough understanding of many types of Ohio laws. In addition, the expense associated with a wrongful death case can be significant.

These types of cases usually require in-depth investigations as well as testimony from various types of experts. To prevail in a wrongful death case, it typically is necessary to hire a range of professionals to help prove the various aspects of your case.

For these reasons and more, it is advisable to speak with an Ohio-licensed attorney who has significant experience handling wrongful death cases. It should also be an attorney who possesses all the necessary resources and skills to pursue a case all the way to a trial. And it should be an attorney who knows when it is in the client’s best interest to settle a case prior to going to a trial.

Wrongful death claims are considered high-priority claims for insurance companies. Indeed, they usually assign their most experienced and effective insurance adjusters to them. This is a tactic insurance companies use to fight against a claim or to minimize the court-ordered payout. Dealing with a veteran insurance adjuster without the guidance or assistance of an experienced Ohio attorney can find you in a situation that does not serve your best interests.

We endeavored to write this book to give families a thorough understanding of what a wrongful death claim is all about, and the knowledge they need to determine if they should consider pursuing one.

While no amount of money in the world will ever replace your loved one, it has been our experience that clients gain a sense of closure after acting in a wrongful death case. It enables them to move on and continue to live life with a sense that some amount of justice, and therefore peace, has been found.

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