Ohio wrongful death attorney Jim Slater– By Jim Slater, Managing Partner, Slater & Zurz LLP

I bring to this subject more than 40 years of experience representing families when they lost their child, wife, husband, grandfather or grandmother because someone did something wrong. In each case, the greatest upset and heartbreak I have had to endure with a family is grappling with the fact that it did not have to happen.

These are difficult times indeed, but by taking legal action with an experienced law firm you may be able to prevent such a tragedy from happening again to another family. Whether it is a trucking company, a driver of an automobile, a doctor or a nursing home, we are extremely aggressive in our efforts to seek the largest financial punishment possible.

While money cannot bring back the child, wife, husband or grandparent, it can make where and how we live safer, because payments of large sums by people and or companies that do bad things can elicit behavior changes for the better and those changes have the power to make our society safer.

I understand it is tough for you right now. Please email me directly at [email protected], call me at my office 1-888-459-0765. People find that a brief conversation with me can be very helpful. Let God be with you and bring peace to your life.

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