Chapter 7: Wrongful Death from Explosions

Wrongful death because of an explosion - wrongful death OhioAccidents resulting in explosions can cause extreme devastation. Whether they occur in the workplace, home, or a public area, explosions create a potential for loss of life.

Workplace explosions are among the most common. And particularly devastating are mining accidents where gases build and become trapped. In some cases, a spark from a piece of machinery can set off explosions that have been known to cause death or injury.

Construction sites and factories are also common scenes for explosion accidents. Compressed tanks filled with liquid propane, oxygen, acetylene and diesel fuel are frequently used by workers to weld or cut through metal. Employers are required by law to provide a safe work environment for their employees but often corners are cut to save money or equipment is not properly maintained.

City streets and commercial buildings can also be scenes of explosion accidents. Aging underground pipes or those tucked within walls may develop gas leaks.

We tend to consider our homes as a sanctuary from the dangers of the outside world, but these are unfortunately also prime locations for explosion accidents. Water heaters can explode from heat building up inside them. Defective appliances and propane tanks used for cooking and heating are among the many other sources of potential explosions.

When a person files a claim due to an explosion accident they need to establish three things: duty, breach, and cause. Duty occurs when the defendant owes a “duty” of safety. Breach occurs when that duty is not fulfilled. And cause means that the breach of duty directly led to the accident.

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