Chapter 12: Contingency Fee Agreements with Attorneys

Contingency fee agreement with a lawyer in a wrongful death case OhioMany people are reluctant to speak with or hire an attorney because of their perceived cost of doing so. They simply cannot afford to write checks for thousands of dollars every month during the process waiting for a settlement or a verdict in their case.

Fortunately, there is an arrangement that exists in which you can utilize the experience and knowledge of a professional attorney without needing to pay monthly legal fees while your wrongful death claim is being pursued.

Our law firm, like many others, represents clients on what is known as a contingency-fee basis. With a contingency fee agreement, a lawyer will defer his or her fees until the case is successfully resolved and finalized. The fee is based on a percentage of the settlement or verdict obtained in the case. If no settlement is received or no amount is awarded in a verdict, there will be no fees paid to the attorney.

Contingency fees also allow people to hire the best legal representation possible without the risk of losing thousands and thousands of dollars.

As mentioned throughout this book, the insurance company employs a team of professionals looking out for its best interest to try and deny or minimize claims. A contingency fee arrangement allows you to employ your own experienced legal professionals that will fight for you and protect your interests.

There is no reason for you not to at least speak with an experienced lawyer. You are under no obligation to hire the attorney and a simple conversation may give you a much better understanding of how best to proceed with your claim.

A fear of the unknown prevents a lot of people from moving forward and getting themselves out of troublesome situations.

We sincerely hope this book has given you a basic understanding of your rights under Ohio law and a sense of real understanding and sound legal advice on how to proceed.

If you would like to talk to us about a wrongful death case in the state of Ohio, we welcome your call. We can be reached via telephone at 1-888-459-0765, via email at [email protected] or on our website at

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