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Ohio Wrongful Death Book

Request a free copy of our book A Wrongful Death in Ohio, Actions Families Can Take After The Wrongful Death of a Loved One.

The sudden or unexpected death of a family member or loved one is an overwhelming experience. When your loved one’s death is a result of the carelessness or negligence of others, it can be a devastating and cause feelings of shock, disbelief, anger and extreme anxiety about the future. Learn about Ohio wrongful death laws and what you can do.

We wrote this book to provide you with a general overview of Ohio wrongful death laws and the issues that will be faced in a wrongful death claim. Click on a link below to start reading the book, or request a hardcopy at the bottom of this page.




Chapter 1 – Understanding a wrongful death

Chapter 2 – The losses and damages that can be recovered in a wrongful death claim

Chapter 3 – What happens when a wrongful death is caused by two or more parties?

Chapter 4 – Wrongful death of a child

Chapter 5 – Wrongful death from an auto accident

Chapter 6 – Wrongful death due to a defective product

Chapter 7 – Wrongful Death from Explosions

Chapter 8 – Determining the Value of a Wrongful Death Case

Chapter 9 – Loss of Consortium and How it Factors into Wrongful Death Cases

Chapter 10 – Filing a Wrongful Death Claim with an Insurance Company

Chapter 11 – How Wrongful Death Cases are Litigated

Chapter 12 – Contingency Fee Agreements with Attorneys

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